Puppy Season

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Puppy and kitten season is here but, there's a down side to that. People who work with or for animal shelters know, it could mean more animals will be put down.

In Leon County, the animal shelter has euthenized fewer cats and dogs than last year. But with the puppy and kitten season upon us, that could change.

So, the shelter is doing all they can to get the word out, that if you're interested in getting a family pet, now is a great time to do it!

It's a problem you may have never heard of. But, at the same time, you may also be a big part of the solution.

Its now officially puppy and kitten season and as nice as that sounds, experts say it could end with the destruction of hundreds of animals.

"Just because these dogs will be put to sleep if someone doesn't get them. They need a home and someone who will love them,” explains Dana Burns, who adopted a pet.

Dana and Bruce Burns are talking about why they've returned to the animal shelter to adopt another family pet.

"They seem real appreciative and they seem to make better pets," Bruce Burns adds.

The Tallahassee Leon County Animal Service Center says, for the last year, they've made some changes to the structure of the shelter to lower the number of euthanized animals.

But now, the shelter is worried that number could increase, because its puppy and kitten season.

But if you're already a pet owner, you can still help, by making sure your pet is spayed or neutered and encourage your neighbors who own pets to do the same.

It costs $50 to adopt a pet from the Tallahassee Leon County Animal Service Center; this fee includes the first set of shots for vaccination and rabies.

This fee will also cover an identification microchip and their first check up.