Relief in Sight From House of Filth?

The Leon County Health Department responded to the outcries of neighbors forced to live near a filthy, smelly home, but health officials say there's not much they can do about it.

Neighbors living near the Woodville trailer home say they are fed up with the filth.

Kim Dukes, a neighbor, said, "Garbage smell, musty smell, hot, you can't describe it. It's nasty; you just can't describe it."

Alex Mahon, Environmental Manager for the Leon County Health Department, Environmental Health Division, said, "We understand that there's an odor issue, and as soon as it gets hotter that may increase."

Residents say the Leon County Health Department should have cleaned up the massive piles of garbage as soon as authorities arrested the homeowner for neglect back in March.

The man's 600-pound wife and two kids had to be removed from the filth.

Teddy Clark, a next door neighbor, said, "The toilet is running over, the sink and bathtub has all kinds of human waste in it. The lady, she laid naked in the garbage in there. She had bug bites all over her."

Alex added, "From a legal aspect, we have to notify the property owner. This is private property, it's not a rental piece of property. Plus, all of the garbage in the house or the majority of the problem is inside the house. It's not outside the house."

The grass has not been mowed, and garbage nearly reaches the ceiling and spills out onto the porch. The environmental health manager says under Florida statute 386, they cannot touch anything until they notify the property owner first, which he says they are having a difficult time doing.

The Health Department wants the homeowner to come forward to clean up that mess.