Wakulla May Settle MSBU Lawsuit

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The numbers are staggering. The illegal assessment runs from 1999-2003 at a cost of $35 per year, per parcel.

Added up that's around $1.4 million the county may have to repay, so you can see why the county would be willing to settle this before it gets too far through the courts.

Residents we talked to say the suit seems frivolous.

Marion Revell, a Wakulla County resident, said, "I didn't want my money back because I thought it was a good thing. I never understood the concept of the class action suit anyway."

Parrish Barwick, a concerned resident, said, "People think the governments have deep pockets and a lot of money. The only money a government has is its people's money, your tax dollars."

But the residents filing the suit disagree. Court documents show they seek a declaration that the assessments are unconstitutional and seek a refund.

Monday night in a county meeting the attorney dropped a bombshell, announcing that he is in talks with the litigants in search of a settlement. So far there’s no word on what that settlement might include or just how much it's going to cost the residents of Wakulla County.