Violent Home Invasion Robbery

There was a violent home invasion overnight as robbers pistol whipped the victims before taking off.

It happened at a home on Day Street just after midnight. Tallahassee police say a woman answered a knock at the carport door and four men rushed in demanding money.

Police say when they didn't find much cash, they ordered all five people inside to the floor and kicked and pistol whipped two of them.

SGT James Fairfield of the Tallahassee Police Department said, "This could be an event where they've got the wrong location or they could've received information that there would've been a mass amount of money there, and when it's not discovered, they either assume that they're lying to them or fail to realize they're in the wrong place, and either way, things get violent."

Neighbors were stunned when they heard what happened, saying it's a house full of poor college students. Tallahassee police are still looking for the four gunmen.