Sex Offender Checks

The search is on for eight sex offenders who have failed to register in Leon County.

Sex offenders and predators are required to register at the Sheriff's Office twice a year.

This week, deputies are checking last known addresses trying to find eight men who failed to register in their birth month of May.

It's a search that begins anew each month.

SGT Bill Dawkins of the LCSO Sex Offender/Predator Unit said, "We go out and knock on the door at their address and make contact with them in person or later by phone and tell them they aren't compliant, and if they don't come in within 10 business days we're going to cut a warrant for them and arrest them."

Neither of the men they were looking for Tuesday were home.

Deputies left word with one man's wife and had to leave a flyer on the other man's door. In Leon County alone, deputies keep tabs on the whereabouts of more than 330 sex offenders.