Recycling Drive

The students say their efforts will help improve the future of the environment.

At the start of the school year, students at Valdosta High were treated to dozens of new drink vending machines on campus. While they provided students with some variety and the school some much needed money, it also created a problem.

"Once we saw the trash that was being produced by the vending machines, we felt the need to do something about it,” Fleming Stone explains.

That prompted a call for help, and one agency responded. Keep Lowndes Valdosta beautiful donated these recycle containers.

Two students have volunteered their time to make sure the bins are emptied once a week and the bottles inside are recycled.

"It usually take a couple of hours for us to go and track down every single bin and empty them out and carry them out, but its worth it,” explains Nicolas Sinkule.

Teacher Mary Hand, who has helped the students with the recycling effort, says she's proud of the way they're taking an active role in protecting the environment.

"I think its beautiful that these kids have embraced this idea and they're running with it, you know, with out any assistance,” comments VHS teacher Mary Ann Hand.

The students say they are just glad they can help make a difference.

Teacher Mary Ann Hand says the students are also looking to begin a recycling program for white writing paper.