School Lunch Rules

More than 10,000 kids in Leon County receive either a free or reduced price school lunch.

For many, it's the only hot meal they get during the day. But one mother says her son is being left out in the cold.

Evelyn Crawford is a mother who loves to hear all about her kid’s day at school. But recently her first grader came home with news this mother was shocked to hear.

"He came home and said, everyone in my class had a hamburger today and I had peanut butter and jelly sandwich, mash potatoes and a carton of milk."

Evelyn's son is on the free lunch program at Pineview Elementary meaning he is supposed to eat what the others kids do free of charge.

Instead he was being fed PBJ because the school said he had an outstanding balance.

"When I found out not serving meals to students who are eligible for free lunch it was a mistake and the manager should not have been doing that."

Tim Tankersley, four weeks into his new role as food services director, immediately took action to make sure Evelyn's son was getting a free lunch.

Now that he's made sure Evelyn’s son is getting what he deserves.

Tankersley's making sure students who can pay are paying.

Tankerlsey plans to have a new policy on charging school meals in place by the end of next school year. Right now kids are allowed to charge a meal three times. After that they can expect PBJ and a carton of milk.