Florida's First Responders Gear Up


Florida's first responders were put to the test Wednesday to see if they're armed and ready for biological and chemical attacks. About 150 emergency crew members took part -- and as when disaster strikes, these guys will be there safeguarding the homeland from any natural or man-made disaster.

The state wants its first responders aware and prepared- so it's back to the classroom for hands-on training for fire, police and medical officers.

The decontamination tent is a favorite among trainees but the most eye-catching are these specialized response units.

You have to be prepared-that's the moral to the story, and these officers are playing by the book.

Florida's Emergency Management officials plan to conduct future training sessions for all responders.

The state of Florida Wednesday confirmed two more SARS cases, bringing the total to 14. It includes a one-year-old collier county girl and a 41-year-old Pinellas County man. Both had been to Asia.