High-Tech Crime Lab

Cutting down crime is a top priority for law enforcement agencies across the Peach State.

At one South Georgia crime lab, a new high-tech method is making it tougher for crooks to get away with crimes involving guns and drugs.

From drug trafficking to murder, it is at the crime lab in Moultrie that deals with more than 1,000 cases each year.

Recently, $2.3 million was put into expanding the lab and more construction is set to start on yet another project in late April. Manager, James Kimberly, said, "we are going to house our toxicology department and more offices space for medical."

Four hundred drug cases a year go through the Moultrie crime lab. Lab member say more than 85 percent of cases now have a 30-day turn around time.

Construction is set to kick off at the facility on May 24.