Talking With Bishop

Armed with questions and concerns, members of the Thomas County Rotary Club sat down with their Congressman, Rep. Sanford Bishop Thursday afternoon.

"I was particularly interested in his questions about the budget and it seems to me that what we have to do is re-address some of our priorities-what is wanted and needed is a tough issue,” says Ed Titus.

Other tough issues and topics of discussion ranged from tax cuts to veterans benefits to agriculture.

"We've got to be concerned about those things-keeping them in perspective, keeping in focus and making sure the needs of our people here at home are met,” comments Rep. Bishop.

Rep. Bishop says meeting those needs could be a challenge for Congress, but he's confident that challenge will be met.

Bishop also spoke confidently and proudly of our military at war, including the soldiers who lost their lives, fighting for freedom.

Taking the concerns of the people with him, Rep. Bishop will return to Washington with an enlightened sense of their needs. Congressman bishop serves on the appropriations committee. He is now in his sixth, two-year term in office.