Lowndes County Staffing

A new study says the majority of American jails are understaffed and under funded. And the problem extends from rural facilities to the biggest urban jails.

The jail staff takes up half of the employees at the Lowndes County Sheriff's Office, which the sheriff says is a good indication the facility is not understaffed.

Thanks to the support of the county commissioners, the jail is well funded. It's a costly item on the budget, but the county makes sure it's always covered.

Most inmates come straight off the streets often with serious mental or physical problems. To protect both the staff and the inmates, the sheriff's office has a medical staff on hand at all to make sure the needs are met.

Even though the jail still needs some minor improvements, it appears to be much better staffed and funded, f compared to other jails who are struggling to comply with federal standards.

The Lowndes County jail houses inmates for the City of Valdosta and for surrounding counties that don't have adequate jail facilities.