Project Lifesaver Training

More and more Alzheimer's patients and their families are opting to buy special tracking bracelets in case those patients wander off.

Wednesday, deputies from several Florida counties came to Tallahassee to learn how to use the radio wave transmitters needed to find missing seniors.

Eventually, the battery powered bracelets could include GPS chips, but for now radio waves are working well.

SGT Kevin Nagle, Project Lifesaver training staff, said, "It works. It's been very good so far. To date there's been over 1,700 people walk away, and every one of them has been recovered successfully. You know, some minor bumps, bruises and scratches, but the key to it is they've been saved successfully without anyone perishing."

The Leon County sheriff is the statewide coordinator for Project Lifesaver and LCSO deputies will soon begin training other law enforcement agencies in Florida.