Recent Burglaries in Beachton, Georgia

The recent break-ins happened in the Beachton area, which is just south of Cairo.

Grady County Sheriff Harry Young says he believes the suspects are doing their research and striking when they know no one is home.

Five break-ins within two days has Grady County Sheriff Harry Young upping patrols in the Beachton area. He says the thieves hit during the day when most residents are at work.

Sheriff Young says, "It seems like it's been several people doing the break-ins. It's not just one person; I think it's a team of them like two to three people at least."

Sheriff Young says the most recent break-in happened off of Leonard Drive where the suspects kicked in the back door, ransacked the home, and made off with two guns, a 43-inch flat screen TV, and a colored printer.

Michael Fox has only lived in the area for about five months and first learned of the burglaries in this interview with Eyewitness News.

Fox, a resident says, "It's kind of surprising, actually, for out here. I have family members that live out here and everybody feels pretty safe out here."

Sheriff Young says the two weapons stolen will most likely be sold on the streets for drug money, saying that methamphetamines are a growing problem in this area

Sheriff Young adds, “95 percent of the break-ins we have are people trying (to get) things to sell for drugs, drug problem money so they can keep the habit alive."

Sheriff Young says he wouldn't be surprised to see those drug habits lead to more break-ins. He also says if you have weapons or high priced items, make sure you keep records of them, receipts, identification numbers, anything that could help identify your stolen property down the road.