Tackling Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is being addressed in our area. There’s no more moving from place to place or living in cramped rental spaces for Latonya Green and her family. She says owning her home through the Habitat projects is a blessing.

Latonya Green says, "I am very grateful, I am very appreciative. At one time me and my daughter had to share a room together. That wasn't comfortable at all. Owning my own home, we are able to have our own rooms, have our own space. I have a yard now; I go outside and take care of my yard."

The Capital Area Community Action Agency hopes to give others that same joy, starting with a tri-state affordable housing conference in Tallahassee.

Dorothy Inman-Johnson, Executive Director of the Capital Area Community Action Agency, says, "Rental, as well as home-ownership in this area, has gone through the roof. Most average modest and low-income families cannot afford to keep a roof over their heads."

To show models of affordable housing. Conference attendees took a bus tour through several neighborhoods, including the HOPE Community for the Homeless.

Key figures from realtors and developers, to housing advocates and local officials, are partnering to address the critical need for affordable housing.

Dorothy says, "Looking at how all of the stakeholders can come together, come up with some kind of coordinated plan."

It’s a plan to help one family at a time. Part two of the affordable housing conference is Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at TCC's Workforce and Development Center. It's not too late to register.