Bikini Strangler Florida Connection

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Jerry Inman was arrested Thursday for murdering Clemson University junior Tiffany Souers in her off-campus apartment only nine months since walking away from Florida a free man.

Tom Berlinger, FDLE spokesperson, said, "Last September he was released from the Florida prison system, and in fact left the Jefferson County Correctional Institution over here in Monticello."

FDLE officials say Inman notified authorities of plans to move to Tennessee and registered as a sex offender in Florida.

Tom Bur linger said, "He was properly registered right up until now, until the time of his arrest."

DNA was taken from Souers' apartment for analysis, and officials say the sex offender database played a role in helping authorities make the Inman connection.

David Coffman, a crime lab analyst for FDLE, said, "The crime laboratory system in South Carolina performed their DNA testing and they asked the FBI to perform a national keyboard search."

The search, FDLE officials say, matched the DNA from the crime scene to Inman's DNA in databases in Florida and North Carolina. It was the key to solving the murder of a 20-year-old university student.

Tiffany Souers' murder may only be the tip of the iceberg. The sheriff in Jefferson County, Tennessee expects to charge Inman with a rape in that state and an attempted rape in Georgia.

In both cases, the victims were able to identify Inman through his tattoos.

Coincidentally, those crimes occurred just days before Souers' murder and less than a year after his release from Jefferson County, Florida.