Thomasville's First Female Firefighter

Thomasville's fire department is making history by hiring its first female firefighter.

Nineteen-year-old Meghan Moore is making history in Thomasville. The recruit will become the first female firefighter for the city's fire department.

Fire Chief Bryan Croft says, "Our hiring process is very difficult. It's no longer days of just turning in an application and getting a warm body. They went through the whole process, and Meaghan came out number two."

Moore says for as long as she can remember she's wanted to be a firefighter. After serving as a volunteer she decided to make it a full-time gig, and being the first female firefighter in the Rose City can be a little empowering.

Meghan Moore says, "Maybe it can open up for other females to try it. It's not a joke, the physical agility, you know, the tests. It's not a joke."

Don't let the pretty smile and petite frame fool you. She goes through the same tests as her male counterparts, including dragging a dummy that weighs nearly 200 pounds.

CAPT Tim Connell with Thomasville Fire and Rescue says, "She's hung in there with the guys, she's done a fine job. Her small size is actually helping her in a lot of things."

Moore adds, "They do not give me a break, and I appreciate it. It lets me know I'm no different then everybody else."

Moore is fulfilling a lifelong dream while making history and proving that she deserves to stand side by side with the other firefighters.

Moore just has to get state certified before she becomes Thomasville's first female firefighter.