Learning Camps in Gadsden County

Students are enrolled at a summer camp at West Gadsden High School and are getting an animated lecture from their reading teacher, all in hopes of getting them excited about learning and do well academically.

Ciara Hinson, a student, says, “I think it will help us with the FCAT because it’s basically teaching us stuff, stuff that's on the FCAT.”

So far the students are turning over a new leaf and enjoying the class work, knowing it will help them score high marks next school year.

Delante McCloud adds, "If I need help on things I can get it here and then when I get in the classroom next school term I'll already know it."

Reading is just one component of the summer camp. Students are also learning computer oriented programs in math and technology. Organizers are hoping the camp will give students a boost and help them be on the same level with their counterparts in other school districts.

Sherrhonda Sailor says, "It's very important because Gadsden County is looked down upon. It’s been that way for the past couple of years. It's our aim in this program to help our kids succeed to help bring Gadsden County in its standards up to par."

It’s standards they say will help the district when they announce FCAT scores next school term.

Space is still available. All Gadsden County students are encouraged to attend the free camp. For more information, call 850-875-9880.