Two Fires in Whigham May be Arson

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It's not uncommon for the Grady County Fire Department to battle a house fire, but two just a couple of minutes apart is another thing.

"Not in Whigham, we haven't ever had this problem, now working grass fires yes, but not house fires of this magnitude,” says Grady County Fire Chief Scott Newberry.

When firefighters arrived on scene they found this home on Lee road and Norwood fully engulfed in flames. The house was unoccupied at the time, and investigators say they have reasons to be suspicious about how it started.

"The house fire in Whigham, there was no power to the house-both house were vacant
a the time, it's just odd circumstances the houses burned this close together,” explains Jimmie Scarbrough of the Grady County Sheriff’s Office.

Close together, in location and time, while firefighters battled the blaze at a house, they were called out to the second house fire, about three miles away on Jowers.

With the fires out, the work continues. As investigators try to determine how each started, and whether arson was involved.

The Georgia State Fire Marshall is investigating both house fires with the help of the Grady County Sheriff’s Office.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Grady County Sheriff’s Office at 229-377-5200.