A School Program May be Eliminated

Twenty-two school districts across the state of Florida are teaching students through a program called project child.

This popular program is in danger of folding in one local county.

This is east elementary in Suwannee County where first graders are reading, second graders are multiplying, and kindergartners are learning to write.

And while all looks normal these are not traditional classes. These three grade levels share the same three teachers in a program called project child. A program that is in jeopardy.

Principal John Bullard cites the state class amendment and federal equity laws for the program's demise.

Dr. Sally Butzin is the creator of project child. She says research has shown the program to be effective and she will be petitioning for project child to stay.

Suwannee schools superintendent Wyman Harvard says that they will continue to use some of the concepts of project child and that they will address parents concerns.

There'll be a school board meeting Tuesday afternoon at 5:30 p.m. and some parents said they will speak for the program.