Pets for Seniors Program

They can light up your life with the wag of a tail, and recent clinical studies prove they can even better your health. That's why Leon County’s Animal Shelter is working to pair pets with seniors, giving them a gift of health and happiness.

These four-legged friends need homes, and seniors need company. It's a match made in heaven, that's what Edwin does with his poodle Princess, they're two peas in a pod.

Edwin lost a wife and Princess needed a home, together they make the perfect pair. It's a relationship the Leon County Animal Shelter wants to see all over town.

"We have a lot of older citizens and a lot of citizens and a lot of animals we can match up we want to make sure they're included in our adoption and foster programs,” says Animal Shelter Manager Pat Simmons.

Simmons says that will happen soon once the pets for the elderly program arrives in Tallahassee, it will give seniors pets and provide free veterinarian services.

It's a program building healthy families like Edwin and Princess, without financial burdens. The shelter says the Pets for the Elderly program will kick off in a few months.