Adult Learning Center at FSU

College students are faced with many challenges from financial aid, to the social scene.

But what may surprise you is that some studies show more than 10 percent have learning disabilities, that may have gone undetected. Here's more on a center that's helping to turn ADD students into A students.

Anthony Jackson says he always struggled with math. And it wasn't until the Florida State University graduate student took some assessment tests, that he learned there was a reason things didn't add up.

“Once I came here, I found out I was a concrete person and not an abstract person,” Jackson says.

More than 300 college students visit FSU’s adult learning evaluation center each year.

Center directors say the visits are usually from students who have never been diagnosed with a learning disability or attention deficit disorder.

Along with support from the center, Dr. Prevatt says a big part of the student's success comes from finding out why they struggle.

Prevatt also says if students qualify as having a learning disorder, many colleges will grant them services such as extended test times and tutoring.