Gas Theft Battle

Even though there was some relief at the pump, gassing up is still proving painful for many drivers.

Steve Heath says, “It's just outrageous, it's just too high."

Gas stations say high prices are driving up the number of gas thefts. A convenience store association estimates more than $237 million is lost each year to drive offs.

The Hud station in Grady County, Georgia can attest to that. Employees say they were losing more than $100 a day, and that doesn't surprise customers.

Greg Gay said, "Especially at a gas station like this where you're out in the middle of nowhere and response time for a police officer would be pretty tough to do."

Being so close the Florida-Georgia state line, the station keeps busy, and sometimes the crowd made it easier for gas thieves to slip by, but not anymore. The station manned employees with walkie-talkies and put them alongside customers. If the tab’s not paid they're nabbed right away.

Employees say it drastically cut down on drive-offs, saving the station thousands of dollars in the last year. The battle waged was won, but it's not over.

They'll be keeping a close eye on the pumps. Gas station employees say the drive-offs still happen, but it's rare.