Indigent Health Care Tax in Gadsden County

The Health Council is proposing to implement a half cent sales tax.

Sherri Vanlandingham is a member of the Health Council in Gadsden County, who is trying to get a half cent surtax on the ballot.

Vanlandingham says there is a dire need for dental and medical help for residents who are under insured or uninsured.

The half cent surtax will generate $1.3 million, money that will provide some much needed health services for residents.

Sherri Vanlandingham says, "Also it will help with hospital, it help with ObGyn doctors here, things we hadn't have in years, this will help us. We can't always rely on grants.”

Money generated will also fund medical services in some of Gadsden County's most rural areas.

Commissioner Ed Dixon adds, "It is an opportunity that will help sustain the outward clinics, the ones in Gretna, the ones in Greensboro and Chattahoochee, and deliver services to those individuals. This sales tax will go a long way to helping that happen."

The surtax must be approved by voters before it goes into effect.

Commissioners will decide at the next meeting whether the indigent surtax will be on the November ballot. Gadsden County voters will be able to decide on the measure in the November election.