Shrimp Boat Seized

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It's a goldmine of shrimp-caught in Florida’s waters. It's something locals live for, but in this case, the catch was Alabama’s until Florida’s fish and a wildlife got a hold of it.

"In this case the officer had allowed license to lapse on him,” says Florida’s Fish and Wildlife employee Howard Langridge.

An expired Florida fishing license stopped this three-man crew from completing their 30-day voyage along Florida’s coast.

Fish and wildlife officers say they catch two to three illegal fishermen a month, but this case carry's a lot of weight.

Nearly 14,000 pounds of shrimp and 60 pounds of flounder, a big catch causing a big stir among locals.

"These guys come from out-of-town take shrimp, we stay here all year long and have to make a living,” says local fisherman Tony Jackson.

Jackson says it's another blow to an already struggling industry. Officers say the shrimp and flounder will be sold to the highest bidder in Carrabelle. They say the value adds up to about $20,000.