Hands-on Learning

Many hit TV shows focus on the forensics of solving crimes. Leon County will soon be bringing this hardcore science to the classroom.

These scientists are solving a crime. A gun has been fired and several teen-agers are suspects. Residue samples have been taken and now these scientists are testing for gunpowder residue.

These scientists are high school teachers, and the crime is not real, but the forensics are. And when these teachers bring this science to their students they expect intense hands-on learning.

Sponsored by Court TV, Leon County is the first school district in the nation to take on this curriculum that will soon be nationwide. Tuesday's investigation to justice training was held at Godby High. Principal Dr. Randy Pridgeon, says students will respond.

Along with several forensic experiments, law will also be part of the program.

To help this program hit home, all the different scenarios will use teens as the suspects and the victims.