Taylor County Coastal Communities Prepare for Alberto

It was quite busy down in the Keaton Beach area Monday as residents of Taylor County's coastal communities were asked to evacuate by eight o’clock Monday evening, and most made good use of that time by tying down or putting up anything that can float or be blown away.

Many Keaton Beach residents are rushing toward the coastal community to get their homes in order before Tropical Storm Alberto hits packing, storing, and securing any loose items like lawn furniture.

Some saying they learned their lesson from last year's Hurricane Dennis.

One Keaton Beach resident says, "Last year when Dennis came in we had water come in downstairs of the house, so we decided to prepare early this year, move things up to a higher level so that we don't get flooded again."

Tropical Storm Alberto is expected to bring a storm surge of about four to six feet.

The corner store gas station is busy as many residents of Taylor County’s coastal communities gas up before taking heed to the emergency evacuation order.

Others aren't so worried.

Deanna Parker, an Ezell Beach resident, says, "I don't think they should evacuate people. We never evacuated, my dad always stays. He's stubborn, go down with the ship, I guess."

Whether going or staying, residents say they are taking all necessary precautions to protect their boats and their property while waiting to see what Alberto brings their way.

Taylor County Emergency Management says along with securing loose lawn items, residents should also make sure to secure propane tanks. Floating tanks were a major problem during Hurricane Dennis.