Florida Tax Breaks

Florida lawmakers are considering expanding the school voucher program by $50 million and giving corporations a $100 million tax break. There's also plans to give another $110 million to the owners of stocks and bonds and forty million for a week of tax free clothing sales. But, the breaks are coming at a time the state budget shortchanges the class size amendment and teacher salaries.

The cost of a back to school sales tax free week is $40 million. Connie, who asked us not use her last name, is a mother of two, she would prefer the money be used elsewhere.

At the capitol, where there isn't enough cash for smaller classes, the tax breaks keep rolling. About $124 million for a corporate income tax break, $110 million to people who own stocks and bonds. A $50 million increase in the corporate offset for vouchers. There's even a break on luxury golf carts.

Democrat Arthenia Joyner got thumbs down when she tried to restore emergency dental and eye care for the poor by using some of the money being lost to tax free days.

While not scientific, the shoppers we talked to were overwhelmingly willing to give up the sales tax break they would get for bigger needs.

With hundreds of millions going to tax breaks, voters are being told that there isn't enough for smaller classes.

The House vote on corporate income tax breaks will come Thursday