Alberto Hits Coast

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It's the calm after the storm. Residents expecting the worst got the best they could've hoped for; enough rain to drench the lawns, but certainly nothing like Dennis.

From Bald Point with its swaying palm trees to Alligator Point and a couple roads underwater, then to Shell Point with its splash and drive streets, Alberto has now blown through.

Alma Pugh, not worried about Alberto, said, "I think we need the rain. It's been very dry. I'm not afraid. I think we need the rain, so it's good, but we're hoping it doesn't go any further."

Ross Hasty, who slept through Alberto, said, "It was a little bit of thunder, but I normally sleep through everything. I'm a pretty big heavy sleeper and we're used to them down here ‘cause we get them a lot."

But this was not a storm taken lightly. Residents evacuated when the call came, lining the sides of streets to get their cars away from the possible storm surge, and deputies guarded the property left behind after the residents fled.

Dispatchers worked through the night answering calls and questions. The entire community was making sure this storm did not get the best of them.

Both Franklin and Wakulla Counties report no major damage and no injuries. Some streets are still waterlogged, so they say when in doubt turn around. CAPT Jim Griner said around 11 people took advantage of that option.