Thomasville Prepares for Rose Fest

In just a few days the Rose City will be celebrating it's 82nd Annual Rose Show and Festival.

It's an old tradition, but this year, a couple of new traditions are dawning on this event...

With more on that and preparations for Friday night's rose parade.

Several folks here in the rose city are busy preparing their floats for Friday’s Grand 55th Annual Rose Parade. And while that old tradition is underway, some new traditions are just beginning.

The bleachers are set, ready for the crowds, it is almost show time! The theme for this year's 55th Annual Rose Parade.

For those who just cannot wait until Friday, the annual rose bud parade hits downtown Thursday night at 7 p.m.

This event for the kids, as they show off their own version of It’s Show Time with floats built by them.

But, the parade is not the only big event in fact, this year's rose festival is debuting two new traditions, one, the first Rose City Show and Shine Car Show.

And the other, the first Achievers for Healthy Lifestyles Awards.

A combination of new and old traditions that is not to be missed, we should mention that several other rose festival traditions will continue, just to name a few, the annual street dance and the house of 100 roses at the Lapham Patterson House.

A schedule of events is available on line at