Homestead Exemption for Seniors in Wakulla

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Currently the county allows senior citizens to receive their homestead exemption over the course of five years. Now, commissioners want to change that so seniors can reap all the benefits in 2004.

Tessie Miller has spent the last four years at the Wakulla County Senior Center, and knows first hand, you've got to work to survive.

As a senior citizen, Tessie is plagued by high taxes and rising medical costs.

Soon, the county plans to help Tessie make it too. By allowing seniors 65 and older to receive their full homestead exemptions in 2004.

On their property that is, Florida seniors were granted up to $25,000 in homestead exemptions a few years ago.

That's on top of the $25,000 exemption for all state homeowners, but the county was dispersing that money over five years. With the new plan, seniors will see more tax relief in less time.