Alberto Drenches Taylor County Coast

Along the Taylor County coast residents are still holding their collective breath. Alberto didn’t bring any big punch, but water levels continue to slowly rise.

Water over the seawall, water on the roads, water in yards, and of course water falling from the sky. Tropical Storm Alberto drenched Steinhatchee as it crawled over Taylor County's coast.

Charles Bishop, a longtime Steinhatchee resident, said, "The water doesn't have anywhere to go but onto the road and into my yard. I've had water in my house about four or five times the past eight years. I got my place up for sale. I'm tired of it."

Over in Keaton Beach, residents returned after evacuating to see what damage, if any, the heavy rains and strong winds caused.

Karen Ezell, a Keaton Beach resident, said, "We got up about 7:00 this morning and came back down. It was very nice when we got back down here, but the wind now is beginning to pick up and it looks like the water is going to be coming over the banks."

The storm surge was not as big of a problem as expected. The damages are also minor, a few downed trees and a small power outage.

Erin Johnson, a Taylor County resident, said, "We haven't been the target for a while, but it wasn't as bad as it was thought to be, but we got the much needed rain."

That much needed rain is what has many residents concerned about possible flooding still to come.