FBI Crime Statistics 2005

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The FBI's crime report shows violent crime is up in all city population groups, but mid-sized cities such as Tallahassee saw the largest increase, and the twist? Large cities with one million or more residents saw a decrease in crime.

Crime is on the rise. Violent crimes nationwide rose by 2.5 percent in 2005. In Tallahassee the numbers were up by 2.4 percent, a little under the national average, but police say the statistics are more positive than negative.

OFC Save McCranie with the Tallahassee Police Department said, "Our murder rate has dropped by 25 percent. Our sexual offenses have dropped by 19 percent. So while we do have that same trend, the nation has seen we are down in a lot of categories that are probably even more important."

The FBI's report shows Tallahassee's violent crimes, robberies, aggravated assaults, property crimes and larceny thefts are up, but murder, rape, burglary, car thefts and arson were all down from 2004.

Police say they are proud of the progress and are always working towards new ideas for crime prevention.

OFC Save McCranie said, "Gang response unit, we have a lot of community involvement. We have a rape aggression defense class that just started in January. We continue to do child ID checkpoints."

Keeping these numbers down takes the community's help, and the director of Crime Stoppers says people are responding. This month alone giving out 11 rewards for tips.

Allen Stucks of Crime Stoppers of the Big Bend said, "People turning in people. People are just sick and tired of their neighborhood with crime and all kinds of things that are just not healthy, so people are fighting back."

Crime will never seize to exist, but any move in the right direction helps. Police say they are focusing on the positives and working to combat crime.