Leon County Budget

The 2006-2007 Leon County preliminary budget is out. It totals more than $233 million, up 11 percent from last year.

Capital costs for roads are up 37 percent, and operating costs are up about seven percent. Commissioners also tentatively agreed to fund $1.5 million for the Woodville Library, one of the top priorities for the commission.

Also, nearly two million was set aside to address jail overcrowding.

Alan Rosenzweig, Leon County Budget Director, said, "They want to renovate the old jail annex. It's an old facility that used to be part of the boot camp. They're going to renovate that facility, turn it into a minimum security prison, basically an annex to the jail that houses 150 prisoners."

The jail alternative programs could include an expansion of the GPS programs.

County commissioners are also tentatively putting aside $300,000 to start up the TMH Trauma Center, a program the governor vetoed last month.