Emergency Management Responds to Alberto

Tropical Storm Alberto was the first time a storm was slated to make landfall in Taylor County, and with that county's emergency management under new leadership, how did things go as Alberto came ashore?

Taylor County's new emergency management director admits word of Tropical Storm Alberto hitting Taylor County was a bit unnerving.

Brianne Hoover says the hardest decision was whether to evacuate all of the coastal communities.

Brianne Hoover, Director of Taylor County Emergency Management, said, "You're asking people to leave their homes, spend money they probably don't have, go somewhere where they may not be comfortable, the shelter. That to me is probably the most stressful thing to do, but we'll always err on the side of caution."

Hoover says there were not any problems during the Alberto ordeal. She attributes that to pre-hurricane season preparations by the department, cooperation from citizens, and help from law enforcement and first responders.

CAPT Marty A. Towles of the Taylor County Sheriff's Office said, "Everything went real well. I think as a whole all the county agencies and the law enforcement agencies and the state came together extremely well. If we'd had a much worse event than what we did have, we would be very much more prepared for it than we had been in the past."

Mandy Cornelius, Public Information Officer for Taylor County Emergency Management said, "It was almost like a practice run for us in real-life scenario. We were able to take the preparations that we made prior to hurricane season and actually see them work in place."

Officials say they hope another storm doesn't come their way, but if and when it does, they're ready. Emergency Management is currently working with FEMA to assist residents and to assess any damages Alberto may have caused.