South Georgia Planning Workshop

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Sometimes the growth of an area is inevitable. That's why many cities have planners like Jessica Freeman.

Freeman serves as a planner for the small city of Remerton and often attends workshops like the one hosted by the South Georgia Regional Development Center.

“The city of Remerton is in the process right now of updating their planning ordinances and zoning ordinances. As well as, we have some future development coming into play and right now we're here to learn from other communities on what they're doing," Freeman says.

Getting different people together with different planning backgrounds is what this workshop is all about.

RDC Planner Ann Marie Wolff says, "All the diverse stakeholders need to come together to collaborate and to make sure that the growth happens in a small way."

Lowndes County planner Jason Davenport says growth rules and regulations are already in place but the knowledge and experience of others always helps.

"I really wanted to speak with and hear from someone who's been there and done that so we can learn from them and address the growth we have here," Davenport says.

The folks at the RDC believe planning is the key to the future. The South Georgia Regional Development Center works with nine different counties and 22 municipalities.