No "F" Gadsden Schools

Gadsden County school Superintendent Reginald James is elated the district earned all passing grades.

Reginald James said, "It says a lot of about our schools and I think the whole entire community should be proud of what we've achieved."

What they've achieved is academic success. The marquee at Gadsden Elementary Magnet says it all; students there are excited about the news.

Louis Zanders III, a GEMS student, said, "It was like me getting a birthday present."

A birthday present came early for Crossroads Academy instructors when they too learned they received an A. School officials attributed their no excuse, no nonsense policy for their success.

Kevin Forehand, a Crossroad Academy instructor, said: "In addition to giving the practice test we grouped the students within the classrooms so no one felt alone or felt left behind. We have an excellent staff. You couldn't ask for a better staff here."

And they're not alone. Stewart Street Elementary stampeded their way out of an F to earn a C grade. In fact, eight schools received Cs and three earned Ds, a far cry from 2004 when Superintendent James took over.

Five of the schools earned Fs. There were three Cs and four Ds. Superintendent James is on a mission.

James added, "Now that we've gotten rid of all the F schools, we all have got to be As and B schools. This year we're going to move those Cs to Bs and Bs to As, and go from there."

They’re grades that will change the way the district is viewed in this rural community. James says community members and teachers were instrumental in helping them achieve those passing grades.