Coal Plant Offers Millions

The partners of the Taylor Energy Center are offering Taylor County a $170 million incentive package for building a coal fired power plant in Taylor County like the one in Jacksonville. The incentive package would replace ad valorem property taxes.

Daryll Gunter, Chairman of the Taylor County Commission, said, "They want to help enhance the community in any way they can. This proposal is basically the first step in trying to do that."

One hundred thousand dollars would be given up front for job training. After the permitting phase is complete, $20 million will go towards a community trust.

Daryll added, "That money can be used for anything from roads to improving the infrastructure of the community to parks and recreation. Just numerous of things that can be used that we currently don't have money for."

And once the plant is complete and operational, the group will contribute two-and-a-half million dollars annually. No matter how much money is coming in, some residents still don't like the idea of the coal plant.

William Sims, a Taylor County resident, said, "My main objection would be relative to the environmental impact and whether it's really necessary or whether we're actually encouraging growth that most people don't want."

The annual contributions would be paid over 30 years, which is the