High Quality Drinking Water in Tallahassee

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The Water Quality Division manager says Tallahassee residents are fortunate because the city sits on a clean aquifer and the water needs very little treatment, adding only a bit of chlorine and some fluoride.

He says customers can drink tap water and rest assure that it meets or surpasses water quality standards. The only difference he says between tap water and bottled water is price.

Jamie Shakar with the Water Quality Division said, "In the city of Tallahassee you can buy 1,000 gallons of Tallahassee water for the same price you buy that bottle water. A dollar twenty two per 1,000 gallons of drinking water."

The 2006 water quality report will be mailed to all city of Tallahassee water customers by July 1. The report can also be downloaded at www.talgov.com.