Final Decision on FAMU's Student Body President

At Florida A & M University, the day started with one student body presidential candidate naming himself to the top post, but by Thursday afternoon his opponent was moving into the President's Office.

“We are ready to lead you, as your new president and vice president,” said Travis Williams, student body president candidate at his inauguration.

Little did Travis Williams know that in a matter of hours, his claim to the top post would be reversed.

“It’s determined that there were procedural errors,” said Dr. Green-Powell.

Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Patricia Green-Powell handed down a ruling Thursday. It was in response to an appeal filed by William's opponent, student body presidential candidate Larry Rivers.

Rivers won the popular vote in March, but was disqualified by the student supreme court for campaign violations.

“It is held that the student supreme court decision in this case is reversed and that the Rivers/Miller ticket is declared winner,” said Rivers.

Rivers says his supporters and friends cheered when he read this statement out loud.

“I just want to emphasize, this is what the students wanted,” Rivers said.

However, its not what Travis Williams wanted, after previously being declared the winner by default.

Williams says his battle is just beginning.

“If that means I have to take it to the highest court, if that has to be pursued, then that's what it’s going to be,” Williams said.

Dr. Green-Powell's ruling upholds Rivers' claim that the student supreme court violated his right to a fair hearing or due process.