War Impacts the Military's Recruitment Efforts

The Marine Corps hopefuls have seen the pictures, and know about the loss of life. Yet some young men are participating in a flight orientation program.

“If anything it’s made me want to do it more, (It’s) more patriotic,” said Richard Carmean, joining Marines.

Marine Corps Captain James Kyker says his contracting has been up by about 50 percent over the past two to three months.

“You don't see kids wanting the financial benefits, they're coming in for the right reason,” said Capt. Kyker.

While showing the ropes to prospective members of the Marines, Major Steve Duke says the genuine interest will help armed services overall.

“Obviously better than the draft, more about the quality of people in service,” Maj. Duke said.

“I think it every Americans responsibility. We enjoy freedom, so put some time in for your country,” Carmean said.

A few other branches of the military have also reported a boost in recruitment since the war with Iraq began.