Blooming Festivities

The cash registers are ringing, the credit card machines are charging away and even despite a few showers overhead – it was quite rosey inside stores throughout the rose city.

"We love events like this, it is great for dollars and this is huge. This is THE big event," said Kathy Murphy, downtown merchant.

Just about everywhere you look, big, bold, bright colors are in full bloom across shelves and even on a few feet. Sharon Brightwell was getting into the mood, going all out this year with rosey sandals.

"Oh, I just love ‘em, and we decided to come this weekend and found out it's a festival and we are real excited to be here," said Sharon Brightwell, first time at Rose Show.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars roll into the local economy during the annual event, but at Singletary's Flowers, it's not about the big dollars coming in, but giving to the community.

"We now are giving special rates and we donate. It's not about the Mega dollars, I like to always help it's for the Rose Show and the spirit of the show," said Jimmy Singletary, donating dozens of roses.

A spirit merchant’s hope will live on throughout the year.

Some merchants will keep their doors open later than usual Friday evening, to try and give everyone the opportunity to shop while also enjoying in the Rose Parade festivities!