Haitian Teen Given Second Chance

It's a success story for the Tallahassee community, a Haitian visitor is heading home after surgeons and community members gave her a new lease on life.

Nineteen-year-old, Maudalyne Germain is saying goodbye to the Capital City, taking with her a new leg and a new life.

Tallahassee doctor, Woodie Smith, brought Germain to Tallahassee two months ago with a life threatening growth on her foot. She lost her foot, but gained a new life.

"She's a trooper no matter how much pain. Afterwards she would just always say thank you," said Nancy Hedman, a registered nurse who cared for Germain.

Germain is walking again on her prosthetic leg. Doctors say they are working on donating services to more Haitian patients in the future.