WCTV's Hurricane Hummer Headed to Perry

Taylor County officials and residents worked together to pull through Tropical Storm Alberto, and Friday night they got additional help on how to be even more prepared this hurricane season.

The WCTV Pinpoint Proctor Hurricane Hummer drew a crowd in front of the Taylor County High School gym, but it's not there just for show.

Sandy Murphy, a Taylor County resident, said, "I wanted to bring some of my friends and wanted to learn more about the hurricanes."

The WCTV Pinpoint Weather Team, along with the Red Cross and the National Weather Service, held a Town Hall meeting to give Perry residents resources and tips on how to prepare for a storm.

Ray Hawthorne, WCTV Pinpoint Meteorologist, said, "It doesn't hurt to have some extra canned food around, doesn't hurt to have some water around. These are things that folks can do any time of the year."

Carmina Ketring, a Perry resident, said, "You always have to have a flashlight because the power is most likely going to go out."

Tropical Storm Alberto made landfall near Keaton Beach this week, causing only minor damages.

Emergency Management says it was prepared for worst, and that's what meteorologists Mike McCall, Rob Nucatola, and Ray Hawthorne want to hear.

Mayor Emily Ketring of the City of Perry said, "We've been well prepared for the hurricane season way before the hurricane season began. I think it was a good opportunity for us to pull together and show that we are prepared for whenever disaster strikes."

The weather team says it hopes the next time disaster threatens the area, Taylor County residents and officials will remember the message behind the Hurricane Hummer.

This was the second WCTV Hurricane Town Hall Meeting. The next one is July 7 at 7 p.m. at The Plaza Restaurant in Thomasville.