Gadsden County Elections

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Quincy City Commissioner Derrick Elias is going door to door on the eve of elections in Garden County passing out pamphlets and reminding people in his district to go out and vote Tuesday.

Elias says residents have responded well to his campaign. "We've made a lot of progress every one seems to be receptive to the information that I'm putting out and my record speaks for itself so I've been received with open arms." Said Elias.

Challenging Elias is former city commissioner Glendell Russ. Russ once held the position in 1999, but was removed from office amid allegations of petty theft and official misconduct. Russ was cleared of those charges and says he is now ready to reclaim the seat he feels was stolen from him.

Gadsden County Supervisor of Elections, Shirley Knight, says absentee ballots already account for seven percent of the total votes cast so far. She is predicting a 20 percent turnout Tuesday.