Sexual Assault Awareness in Valdosta

Sex Offender
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Groups like the Haven Rape Crisis Prevention Center and the South Health District have been trying to get people around Valdosta to face the facts that sexual assault is a problem in this area.

Experts say every victim of sexual assault needs some kind of medical attention, which is available at Valdosta’s Rape Crisis Center.

"Firstly, lets get them medically checked out, to make sure that they're okay, it’s their decision whether they want to report to the police or not, but we certainly do encourage that,” explains Karen Mortensen, Manager of Rape Crisis Center.

During this month of assault education, experts continue to remind everyone that victims are not just adults, but children and teens as well.

Terri Ball is Director of Adolescent Health for the Valdosta area, and she has been reminding teens that they need to be careful what situations they get into.

"Such as educating teens about being safe in dating, making good choices about how you're going about with, informing parents about where you're going. It’s just very important that victims seek out help,” Ball says.

And getting help in dealing with this kind of assault has been the main message in South Georgia this month.