Survey on Job Injuries

A national labor organization says greed is getting in the way of safety, and in some cases it's costing workers their lives.

A new report says job fatalities and injuries are increasing across the nation, with Florida close to the top of that list.

The new AFL-CIO study shows that not only is Florida a national leader in job related accidents, it also leads the nation in the number of job-related deaths among Hispanics.

The AFL-CIO study says the number of Hispanic workers killed in Florida has more than doubled since the early 90's.

The AFL-CIO report states that for every 100,000 Hispanic workers, on average six will be killed. Figures for the entire nation show only about four deaths per 100,000 workers.

The AFL-CIO says there is a solution and it's rooted in education and funding.

The report says that almost 6,000 workers were killed, nationally in 2001, not including 9-11. But the AFL-CIO says

Inspecting every workplace to ensure maximum safety, would take an estimated 80 years.