Special Session Slated for Florida Legislators

Gov. Jeb Bush scolded legislative leaders Thursday for their bickering and inaction.

Bush also confirmed he will call for a special session.

But the biggest surprise was the governor's suggestion to ignore the class size amendment for a year.

It was a rare site the house speaker, Senate president and governor together the tension was thick enough to cut with a knife.

"The whole break down occurred over the desire to add more revenue to that $52.2 billion,” says Rep. Johnnie Byrd.

"If you want to submit a budget governor, submit the budget,” explains Sen. Jim King.

After weeks of a budget stalemate over taxes, Jeb Bush pleaded with the bickering officers. Then Bush dropped a bombshell. They could delay implementing the class size if that leads to a budget agreement.

"You can't get the class size deal done now, we will do it next year,” Gov. Bush explains.

As the meeting broke, the senate president turned his back to the governor. Later Senate rules chairman Tom Lee he didn't know what purpose the meeting served, but said the governor's suggestion on class size came as a surprise.

"Truly a budget issue and we are going to try and pass the bill out, but we expect it will ultimately get linked with the budget,” says Sen. Tom Lee.

But the governor is making it clear class size will not be part of the coming special session.

Spokesman for school boards say that they will still have to implement the voters wish for smaller classes even if the legislature doesn't tell them how to do it.

While the governor made it clear there would be a special session, there's no word on when it will start.