Evans Hearing

The man accused of shooting and killing a Tallahassee police officer was in court Thursday, amidst heavy security.

While snipers stood guard outside Coy Evans was ushered into a third floor courtroom in handcuffs and leg irons. Twelve deputies and bailiffs ringed the room.

This is Evans' first trip to the courthouse since an escape attempt in January.Thursday’s hearing wasn't in regard to Evans' upcoming murder trial; however, it was an attempt to allow his defense team more face to face visits.

All three of these men are facing first-degree murder charges, and possibly the death penalty.

Their lawyer, public defender Maria Ines Suber, can talk with them face to face at the jail, but the investigator who works on the cases with her cannot.

Rules at the jail now allow an inmate's lawyer to meet with him face to face in a room. But anyone else has to use a booth, in which the parties talk by phone and are separated by a thick pane of glass. Suber contends that booth isn't soundproof, and she fears jail personnel can listen in on sensitive conversations.

Coy Evans testified that he often hears other voices and noises on the line, and here's what happened the day he told his lawyer he'd been denied a shower:

"I'm confronted. When I told him I hadn't showered, when I left the attorney booth they took me immediately to the shower. When I said I hadn't been able to use the phone, they took me to use the phone,” Evans recalls.

The sheriff denies that anyone is listening to inmate-attorney conversations, though they're checking the phones to be sure, and contends restricting face to face visits to "lawyers only,” is a matter of security.

The three inmates who are asking for changes are Coy Evans, Kenya Barnhart, and Johnny Floyd.

Judge William Gary says he'll issue a ruling as soon as he can.