The Rewards of Foster Care

Foster parenting has been called a challenging and heartbreaking experience, but also one that is rewarding. But in our area, more and more children are desperately seeking loving families to care for them.

Joann and Devyn Smith are the latest success story out of Thomas County's Department of Families and Children.

"There is 16 years ahead, I look forward to each morning and see what is new he has achieved, he is always on a mission," says Joann.

Just last week, Smith went from being Devyn's foster mom to his adoptive mom. Unfortunately, there are still more than 120 kids under DFACS care, and only 22 foster families available to care for them.

"These children need unconditional love and acceptance and a family they can call their own, either on a temporary basis or a permanent basis if adoption is the goal," says Case Manager Kay Maeno.

Maeno says there is a desperate need for families that will foster siblings and teens, and she is getting that word out in May as part of Foster Parenting Month. Those who have been on the foster parenting journey, encourage other families to open their homes and hearts to a child.

"You really have to sometimes look at it as mission work, a mission in your community, in your country," says Susan Stockstill, a foster adoptive mom.

A lucky child is what DFACS wants to make out of all of the children in their care, but they say they cannot do it without your help.