F-CAT and Mouse: Part III

In the last few years, the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test, or F-CAT has come under fire from parents, teachers, and students.

Despite the criticism, state education officials stick to their guns and continue to put stock in the F-CAT. Education officials want people to know the F-CAT is designed by teachers, and that it isn’t the only test used to assess Florida’s children.

When it to comes the F-CAT, getting an "A" grade could be compared to winning a gold medal in the Olympics, you're famous, endorsements roll in and your name is a household word.

The same can be said for the F-CAT, it's a household word, when a school gets an A, they get children in the school. But athletes spend a lifetime training for their one test, while some say students just cram for the F-CAT.

F-CAT opponents fear it's a never-ending attempt to raise the bar. This year alone, thousands of third graders are in danger of being held back because they didn't pass the f-cat. Some parents say the pressure to perform puts a big load on these little shoulders.

But is it fair to have so much riding on this one test?

Like the Stanford nine test or teacher portfolios, but fail the f-cat and a report card full of A's and B's won't matter, you will not be promoted to the next grade.

Secretary Horn is looking to form a committee to lesson or reduce the anxiety associated with the F-CAT.